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Abner Spector founder of TUFF and Jaimee Raye
V.P. of the label announce new compilations and
some soul treasures from previously unreleased
masters in the TUFF vaults.  Jaimee Raye
explains this genre,"The dedication and loyalty of
Nothern Soul fans is something that America does
not yet fully understand.  These soul Artists are
considered a part of the history of this music.  
Their works although overshadowed in the United
States by Motown or the politics of controlled
radio play were sought out and played at venues
and radio stations all these years!   Many Artists
are considered soul royalty.  Classic dance
stompers and beat ballads are the athems which
their subjects have documented as the moment in
time when they found their soul in this music and
their lives changed forever."    
Jimmie Raye's first recording contract was with
Abner's label
TUFF Records.  Today they are together again!
Collaborating new projects.
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and the Northern Dance Stomper
"Philly Dog Around The World"  KKC 1966
J I M M I E   R A Y E
   "Mr. Soulspectacular"
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"Mr. Soulspectacular" Collector's Editon of Rare 45's
"Look At Me Girl (Crying)"   TUFF  1964
"You Must Be Losing Your Mind"  Garrison/JRE 1966
"The Soul Thing"  Asante World  1976
"Lover's Story"  CRC/Jimmie Raye Music Co 1980
"Deep In Your Love"  Asante World 1978
{ {  14 Tracks of Rare Soul  ) )
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Jimmie Raye, A Collector's Editon Of Rare 45's, Mr Soulspectacular, The Lover, The Soul Thing, Pledging My Love,
Mr. Soulspectacular CD includes Philly Dog Around The World, a Wigan Casino,Northern Soul Playlist Favorite
E n j o y  t h e  S h o w !
Your listening to a clip of Jimmie Raye Live from "The Soul Thing" TV show
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